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The Truth About Chemical Peels Tattoo Removal (Part 1)

There are lot of methods regarding tattoo removal that are available today and one of them is chemical peels treatment. What is chemical peel treatment actually? Does it really work for tattoo removal? In this post, you will discover the top 5 of the types of chemical tattoo removal in terms of the acidity levels from the strongest to the weakest.

Chemical peels are the process of removing of the oldest dead skin cells that cling to the skin's outermost surface which also known as epidermis. This kind of treatment work due to their high level of acidity, loosening and eradicating dead skin cells. This will allows newer and healthier skin to rise to the surface.

1. Phenol Chemical Peel
This is the most strongest chemical peel available nowadays that provide the greatest and most dramatic results. The first application of this chemical penetrates deeply into the skin which will cause a very painful process. Most of phenol chemical peel can be performed in 10 minutes up to an hour or two in the doctor's office and will take at least a few weeks for new skin to form over the treated skin.

People with darker skin tends to get permanent skin lightening side effect and it also can cause scarring. Permanent skin lightening is one of a few weakness that will occur later on especially for those who have a darker skin, and it also can cause scarring. Apart from that, for people who cannot bear the pain that the chemical peel cause, they had to take pain medication which will obviously increase the cost treatment.

The only advantage of using this chemical is that it will only take one chemical peel to remove the tattoo. The weakness of this chemical peel are that it can cause permanent skin lightening for people with darker skin, and it can cause scarring. Additionally, it will require people who use the solution to obtain pain medication or suffer from the pain that the chemical peel causes. The advantage is that it will only take one chemical peel to remove the tattoo. Smoother skin which will last much more longer than treated by other types of chemical peel is the most impressive result of this treatment.

2. Trichloroacetic Acids Peels
Trichloroacetic acid also known as TCA is the most common and popular substance can be found in the medium of chemical peels. It is referred to as a medium-depth peeling. This substance can successfully treat a host of skin imperfections, including sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and acne scarring. The procedure offers effective results with minimum risk by applying the chemical to the surface of the skin above the tattoo and it will then removes the top layers of skin, reaching as deep as the layer in which the tattoo ink resides.

Anesthesia may not be needed by most people during this process of the treatment, but they do need counter pain medications after a few days of the treatment in order to reduce the stinging sensation that can sometimes occur. This type of treatment basically will take about a week and sometimes need more than one session for some people due to their own tattoo characteristic. The other side effects will occur from this treatment are scarring, infection, hyper pigmentation which means the skin becomes darker and vice versa, uneven skin tones and etc. Trichloroacetic Acids should be apply every seven weeks. The time that will take in order to remove the ink completely is varies based on the skin and the characteristic of the tattoo.

Is There Any Other Options?
Yes, you do have the other option. It is highly recommend that you eliminate your tattoos all in natural way by using natural substances. The benefits of using natural tattoo removal are it is scientifically proven, painless, safe to use, much more effective rather than the other methods, leave no scars at all, and the most important is you do not have to waste a bunch of your money on natural tattoo removal treatment.
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