Monday, 24 November 2014

Tattoo Removal Cream – Does It Really Work?

Tattoo removal creams had a ton of publicity due to some very effective marketing a few years ago. Indeed there is great need for an easy over the counter solution to remove a tattoo. Laser tattoo removal is expensive, uncomfortable, and take a long time. The age old saying remains true for tattoo removal creams “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.”
Do tattoo removal creams really work? The answer is NO. Here’s why.
Tattoo removal creams DO NOT work!
Tattoo removal creams contain chemicals such as Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin and TCA. These chemicals are intended to dissolve the tattoo from the skin. The problem is, they don’t work. At best, they may fade a tattoo but they won’t provide you a complete removal.
Why don’t tattoo removal creams work?
Simple. These tattoo removal creams, such as Wrecking Balm, Tat B Gone, and Fade-Away are not effective in removing the tattoo ink stored in the “dermis” or secondary layer of the skin. This is where tattoo ink is stored in the body. If the cream cannot target this area of the skin, then it simply cannot work!Does Tattoo Removal Cream WorkAt best, the fading cream can reach epidermis layer (top layer) of the skin, causing some fading of the tattoo. Caution though, tattoo removal creams are known to burn, irritate the skin and cause scarring.
Proof: Tattoo Removal Cream Does Not Work
  • Many Doctors states that tattoo removal creams do not work.
  • WMBF News, an NBC affiliate, did a story on tattoo removal creams. They found that they do not work.
  • If you search Amazon for “tattoo removal creams” there are none that have more than 2 stars. Negative ratings indicate a negative product. (Be wary of fake positive reviews)


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