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How To Remove Tattoos At Home With Natural Ingredients

With the tattoo removal methods mentioned in this article, you are trying to break the layers of your skin down and the ink pigment trapped inside your skin. Nevertheless, you should notice that the following natural methods may take times and many efforts. They maybe also not very safe if you do something wrong, and will even not be able to remove the tattoo and just fade it. Thus, you should follow the tips on how to remove tattoos at home that I am listing down here carefully and exactly.

1. Aloe Vera, Paederia Tomentosa, And Vitamin E Capsule: 

This is the first out of the tips on how to remove tattoos at home I would like to show readers of Basically, the ink which is deposited on the layers of skin cells so it can keep the color in your skin. Therefore, the natural exfoliation can also help to blur the tattoo over time.
It is very simple that you can process a natural exfoliation mixture with some kinds of green leaves. They are safe for the skin and cause less irritation than drugs, creams, pills, or any medical interventions. The needed ingredients include: aloe vera leaf, paederia tomentosa, and vitamin E capsules. You just need to mix the ingredients in equal percentages, pure the mixture to create a viscous mixture. Every day, you will need to apply the mixture onto your tattoo 3 to 4 times to wash the tattooed skin area. Apply this mixture on the skin under the clockwise direction. You should rub the mixture on the skin for about 10 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. You should rub it gently to avoid skin lesions.

2. Lemon Juice And Salt:

This is also another effective tip on how to remove tattoos at home that people should not miss! Salt has sodium and chlorine contents, which can penetrate deep into the skin cells, having the effects of blurring the ink color and removing the layer of skin that contains the ink quickly.
Lemon contains natural acids so it is considered a mild detergent which is very safe for skin. Vitamin C in the lemon can also help to stimulate skin cells recreation, and nourish healthy and smooth skin.
Step 1: 
Prepare 100g of salt mixed with a little lemon juice, then, use a cotton ball soaked with the liquid, and apply to the skin with tattoo ink.
Step 2: 
Use the cotton ball to rub heavily onto your skin for 30 to 60 minutes so that the salt – lemon mixture will be absorbed deeply into the skin.
Step 3: 
Clean the skin with warm water.

3. Sand Powder And Rough Grinding Stone

The abrasive method is also seen as a simple way to remove tattoos at home which is very easy to apply, although the efficiency it brings about is very slow. To remove tattoos faster by abrasion, you can grind the sand and rough grinding stone, and then mixed with aloe vera gel. Apply the mixture onto the skin area with tattoo and rub on it gently to make the tattoo fade away.
Affecting the structure of the skin will help to remove the skin cells tinted with tattoo ink, and it is one of the ways to remove tattoos that many people use. However, in fact, this method is difficult to remove the tattoo thoroughly and quickly. Typically, you will lose a lot of time to be able to remove tattoos. In addition, this method also has disadvantages as it can erode the skin, making it thin and weak. During the implementation process, the skin is very prone to get sore and hurt so it is quite dangerous. However, this is actually one of the tips on how to remove tattoos at home that people should try because it is simple to implement at home without paying too much money on expensive laze methods. It is very suitable for people with low income!
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  1. I advise to do home-based methods first in getting rid of tattoo before trying laser treatments as laser treatments can cost you a LOT! Here are some methods I used with great success:

    1. Aloe Vera Gel Method: demonstrated to get rid of tattoos and great to the skin too!
    2. Accelerated Exfoliation Method: to remove tattoo, we have to exfoliate the skin deeper than normal.

    Check this site for additional info about the means I cited above:

    Good luck in removing the tattoos!

  2. This is amazing! I've had many nights where tattoo's somehow ended up on my body. I've used methods such as this to remove said tattoo. Lasers leave horrible scarring and burns which look really bad, relieving yourself of the tattoo naturally is a way better solution. Check this site out for a step by step guide if this for whatever reason does not work.