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How To Remove Tattoos At Home With Cream? - Step By Step Natural Tattoo Removal

These are a lot of well-guaranteed steps that you should follow for removing your tattoo as less painfully as possible and totally in safety. You should take your tattoo off with the following simple steps at home. This is among the most powerful home remedies that are well-known to fade a tattoo naturally. 

1. Making Up Your Mind: 
You should ensure that you really want to remove your tattoo and that you will not regret about it. If you have started this process, you will not be able to go back. If you feel that is a mistake to get tattooed in haste, you should remove it on impulse. You need to take a careful, hard look at the tattooed region in your mirror. After all, you just should go ahead if you are sure that you really want to remove the tattoo. 
Natural Tattoo Removal
2. Gathering The Items:
If you are determined whether or not remove the tattoos, you should gather all the tools that are needed for the removing process. These contains:
  • A sterile bandage or gauze
  • A shaving razor
  • A hand towel
  • A bowl of water
  • An unscented antibacterial soap/sudsing emulsion agent
  • A gauze sponge
  • A cup containing 2 tbsp of ground salt
  • An antibiotic cream
3. Boiling Water: 
You should pour boiled water into a medium-sized bowl to disinfect it. Then, allow the water to cool until you can proceed to the next steps. 

4. Shaving The Region:
You will need to shave the inked region to eliminate hair on it. This will make the process less painful and more efficient.
Natural Tattoo Removal
5. Cleaning The Area:
You should use a sudsing emulsion agent or non-fragrant antibacterial soap with slightly warm water to wash your tattooed spot. This will help to disinfect the skin area that you want to clear. Then, you need to use a hand towel to dry the area. You should ask a doctor to recommend a good antibacterial sudsing emulsion agent to achieve good results. 

6. Applying Warm Compresses:
You need to moisturize a piece of cloth or towel by dipping it into boiled water. You should press the moist, warm cloth onto the tattooed area to make it wet slightly. This will speed up the tattoo removing process and make it much more easily with not too much pain. 

7. Salinating Water And Sponge:

You should dip the gauze sponge into the still warm water to moisturize it. Then, you need to roll it through a small ground salt pile repeatedly. This will salinate the water absorbed in it. In fact, salt from the ground is an efficient exfoliating agent that if you rub it over your skin, you will be able to eliminate many layers of the latter. You just need continue to roll the sponge till salt stops dissolving. 

In fact, the removing process can leave scars if you do it not carefully enough. Thus, I recommend you learning ways to clear scars and skin tags.

8. Rubbing The Tattoo:
You need to use the wet sponge to rub the tattooed area within about 30 to 40 mins or until the skin looks crimson. After that, you should allow the sponge to dry naturally itself. You will be able to feel a bit painful after rubbing because the salt will work as an anesthetic. 

9. Cleaning The Area:
You need to wait within 2 hours. When the inked area has dried, you need to wash it with cold water thoroughly within about 5 to10 mins. You will see some ink washed away when you soak the spot within water and rinse it. If your see your skin is bleeding, you should soak a clean hand cloth in hydrogen peroxide and cover area to stop bleeding fast. You can also apply vitamin E on the inked region to decrease the risk of scar tissue and speed up the healing process. Vitamin E will also help to relieve inflammation of tissues and the pain. 

10. Covering The Spot:
You need to allow the tattooed region to dry itself. You can also use a clean hand cloth to dry the region before applying antibiotic cream onto it. You should use a sterile gauze or bandage to cover the area and hold it with the first aid tape. This can help to protect your skin area from infection. 
Natural Tattoo Removal
11. Checking For Infection:
You should take the dressing off after 3 days for checking the removed skin area. If the region has reddened or turned to be extremely painful, might be it is infected. It will be needed for you to ask a physician if you suspect a case of infection. 

12. Repeating Treatment:
If you see small formation of scab, you will have to wait the scab for falling off. The tattooed region will be lighter than other areas. You should repeat this process until you see the ink significantly faded. This process can work for both old and fresh, as well as color and black-and-white tattoos.

13. Points To Note: 
  • You should apply a strip of sterile gauze and also antiseptic ointment on the treated area after each application.
  • You should use ground salt instead of sea salt because it can hurt your skin. 
  • If you have recently cut or hurt the area in some way, it will be sensible to avoid this remedy as salt will cause pain if your skin is torn. 
  • This process can leave large scars if you carry it out in improper way. 

If you are not sure whether or not you can do it the right way, you should call for professional help instead of removing tattoo naturally by your own at home. The spot can feel itchy and numb for many days after the treatment session. Nevertheless, the results will be worthwhile if you are ready to deal with such issues.

All of the above tips on how to remove tattoos at home are proven to work effectively for a lot of people. I have studied them for a long time, and now, I am glad to share them with anyone who desires to clear skin from unwanted tattoos within a short time. 
Natural Tattoo Removal
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