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Real Experience Lightening and Removing a Tattoo at Home

Hello there!! Welcome back my reader. Thank you for keep coming back here at (naturaltattooremoval.blogspot.com - giving you a tips on natural ways to get rid of tattoos) in order to read my articles. Well, in this post, I would like to share with you guys, those are really in need to get their tattoo off their body, to keep reading on this blog post.
When I was surfing the entire web, looking for any new information regarding natural tattoo removal, I accidentally came across to this amazing webpage tatring.com. The owner of the page, Jenna, wrote her experienced on getting rid of her tattoo by using both natural ways to get rid of tattoos & laser tattoo removal. Below is her experienced throughout the process. Keep reading guys.

I wrote this article detailing the process I went through after getting a tree tattoo that I wasn't very happy with. I also had an older barbed wire tattoo that I wanted to be gone.
I researched every possible means to remove or lighten them both. I wanted to find something that I could handle and that wouldn't scar horribly. I wasn't sure what was going to work, but I tried a lot of different things.
You can see pictures of what I tried below. In the end, lasering the tattoo was the most effective thing for me.

My Supplies

What I Tried
I started using these a few days after getting the tree tattoo.
Neostrata 10% Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Cream
I thought using a cream every day that exfoliates might help fade the barbed wire so I started using it on that. Plus it had 10% glycolic acid which will fade a tattoo.

At only 10% this might not even work well enough to see any sort of change, but you never know. I started putting it on the tree tattoo as well to try and lighten it.
Skin Doctors SD White
This contains emblica which has the same effect as hydroquinone which is a skin lightener. Emblica is safer to use. I am fairly certain that some of the official tattoo removing creams contain emblica. This process could also take some time as results may not show for weeks after you begin.
I started with those two products while I was still researching other options. Exfoliating with glycolic acid and lightening with emblica seemed like a good start, but I would not be seeing fast results. I would need a much higher dose of glycolic acid to see fast results. I went shopping again, but I continued to use these products.
Soluver Wart Treatment (20% Salicylic Acid)
I figured I'd need to open the skin before using this as the instructions say to scrub off the top portion of your wart and then apply the salicylic acid, meaning it needed to get under the skin to work. 20% salicylic acid will burn like crazy when put on an open wound. Keep that in mind!
Three Pumice Stones
I needed a way to open up my skin so the wart treatment could get under it. Yes this hurt. It wasn't so much the rubbing away of the skin but applying the acid into it that will burn your brains out.
I only rubbed away a small portion of my barbed wire, as a test. I plan on doing this slowly, in small spots. This is unlike going to a dermatologist who will use a sander on your entire tattoo during your dermabrasion tattoo removal appointment.
As I researched more I found out some other helpful information.
I learned that Vaseline is horrible on new tattoos and will draw the ink out, so of course I had to get some. I had no idea if it would effect my barbed wire tattoo since it was older. But I reasoned that if my barbed wire had a wound in it, it might draw the ink out since the new tattoo is just a really a big wound.
It is also not a good idea to smother your new tattoo. It's best to keep it dry and let it heal on it's own. I was doing everything in reverse here.
Polysporin Triple Action
This is another big no no to put on new tattoos so of course I put it on my tree, along with the small parts of barbed wire I used a pumice stone on.
This was probably my craziest experiment. I put this on a small portion of my barbed wire and left it there, and would put on salicylic acid afterwards. When it was dry I would add Polysporin and Vaseline and cover it.
Then I let it air out and form a scab. I had no idea if Nair was actually doing anything while it was on my skin. I couldn't feel anything. I only felt something when I took it off. Then I realized it had indeed burned my skin.

First Week

 The white spots are the salicylic acid. The tree looks lighter overall but I cannot be sure if it's from my treatments or if it was going to lighten to this level on its own anyway.
The white spots are the salicylic acid. The tree looks lighter overall but I cannot be sure if it's from my treatments or if it was going to lighten to this level on its own anyway.

Week Three

I've also started trying hydrogen peroxide to lighten at least the tree tattoo, and I've seen major results. I, of course, cannot pinpoint what exactly is working and what isn't. It could be a combination or mainly one or two things. I have stopped the dermabrasion and the Nair burning.
I had a laser tattoo removal consult to go to during my third week after the tree tattoo, and wanted my arm clear enough in case I wanted to get anything done. I might actually just get the barbed wire lasered off.
We did a few spots today to see how well I would deal with the pain, and it's ok! So some of it is already in the process of going bye bye. As for the tree, I'd never be able to pay for that to be removed, I am planning on adding light, interesting colors to it to brighten it and have it not be so black and fierce.
I will continue the creams on the tree but as for the barbed wire, it's gonna be lasered.

I've been able to lighten the tree a bit. The barbed wire, however, is a different story.

I've been able to lighten the tree a bit. The barbed wire, however, is a different story.

Well, are you getting excited now? Cannot wait to get rid of your tattoo now? You can read my review on natural tattoo removal here.
Until here at this moment. I'll post her experienced doing laser removal on my next post