Friday, 15 March 2013

Cover Up VS Natural Tattoo Removal

When people consider to get rid of their unwanted tattoo, they mostly tend to come out with the issues with regards their own unique situation which are 'Can my tattoo be removed?' or 'Should I just cover it up instead of removed it?', Fortunately, with today's technology, lot of techniques have been introduced so that your tattoos can completely be removed. You can just googling through the internet to find all the information regarding your situation. In this post, we will discuss what is the pros & cons of both methods.


Natural Tattoo Removal Method

This topic I already mentioned in my previous post, Natural Tattoo Removal - Why Choose Natural Way Instead of The Others?. Let me just summarize it. The ancient world used a more natural approach for everything, which obviously extended their life span, and they were also much more energetic and healthier than we are today. You can use a mixture of natural products to remove your tattoo, there will be no unwanted side effects, 100% natural, will not cause skin scarring, plus it is absolutely at affordable prices! Besides, it work each and every time, regardless of how dark the tattoos are, what their age is or what pigments are used.

Cover Up Method

Cover ups are the method of covering up a piece of ink with yet another piece of ink on your skin. This method is done mostly by people with small bits of ink which may be the name of their ex partner or something small and embarrassing. Many people have gotten tattoos which they later on regret in life, whether it be an ex partners name, an embarrassing tattoo or just something which they can't have for their dream job, getting a cover up may be the one of the solution. Some of the benefits you may get with this methods are:
  • Get your brand new tattoo
  • Regain your lost confidence
  • Get your new partners attention 
  • Least expensive


DIY - Natural Tattoo Removal Method

What are the possible side effects you may have if all the ingredients you use are all natural? Unless you have an allergy to a natural materials. Even though you do have an allergy to some natural ingredients, you can always use another substance as a substitute. There are a lot of option you can select that suits you. Otherwise you might have to find another alternative that may work with you.

Cover Up Method

Cover Up!! It sounds easy. Unlike natural tattoo removal, there are many things that need to be considered before deciding to use this method. First of all is the size. Most people tend to say “size doesn’t matter”Well, with tattoo cover ups size does matter; in fact it matters a lot. In order to completely hide underlying ink, the size of cover up tattoos must be bigger than the existing one. Having to adhere to certain size criteria can create challenges and limitations for the tattooing artist.

Next is color. Color is one of the major issue with cover up tattoos. It is virtually impossible to cover up a black design with yellow or any other color. For that matter, tattoo artists are forced to work with ink pigments that are darker than the original tattoo ink used.  In order to remove the appearance of a very dark tattoo, the artist must use ink equally dark or darker when tattooing the new cover tattoo.

The worst thing is 'Its permanent!'. Tattooed skin can only be re-inked one time with cover up tattoos, as the skin cannot tolerate more tattooing and cannot be “covered up” with another design later on. Having to rework the tattoo skin with excessive ink also makes cover up tattoos forever, this time for real.

Cover-up tattoos with larger works of design, deeper and darker extra ink pigments makes cover up tattoos more labor intensive than getting original tattoos, which translates to a more expensive process for cover-up tattooing compared to general tattooing.

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