Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Natural Tattoo Removal - How To Remove Your Tattoo?

Having an embarrassing tattoo that you want to get rid of at any part of your body may reduce your self confidence level especially when its located at the area where your friends can see it. You have to cover it up with something in order to gain you confidence when you hanging around with your friends.

There are so many methods most people use in order to get rid of the tattoo that they do not want anymore. A tattoo can be removed either through surgical or non-surgical (Natural Tattoo Removal) removal methods.

* Excision removal
* Cryosurgery removal
* Intense Pulsed Light Tattoo removal (IPLT)
* Laser Removal
* Plastic Surgery removal
* Dermabrasion removal
* Salabrasion removal
* Tissue Expansion removal

* Tattoo Fading Creams Removal
* TCA removal
* Chemical Extraction Removal
* Glycolic Acid removal
* Hydroquinone Removal
* Tattoo Cover-Ups
* Infrared Coagulation Tattoo removal (IRC)

Nowadays, most people tend to use laser for surgical and fading cream for non surgical methods. Bear in mind that both of the ways that most people prefer nowadays have their own advantages & disadvantages. They didn't realize whether the methods are effective and safe enough to be use. 

LASER removal method

This method is one of the most expensive and painful, yet preferable way by some people due to its less risk of scarring. It works by producing intense laser pulses that pass harmlessly through the top layers of the skin to to break down the ink, into minor fragments, that are then absorbed by the body. Medical researchers have determined which certain wavelengths of light are best for which colors and how to deliver the laser's output to most effectively remove tattoo ink.

Tattoo removal CREAMS method

This type of technique become very popular over the year. You can try this technique if you are looking for something with less pain and expense. There is an option of using a topical gel or cream to remove a tattoo. However, it should be noted that some creams do use ingredients such as Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) which is a very strong skin peeling chemical. There is a small risk of scarring using these concentrations as long as instructions are followed meticulously.

DIY - Natural Tattoo Removal method

My advice for people who want to eliminate your unwanted tattoo is by using DIY method (Natural Tattoo Removal). Why? Because at least you know what materials or ingredients you will use on your skin. Find out more the simple, safest, natural, yet efficient system which is guranteed to eliminate your unwanted tattoo designs by simply going to Natural Tattoo Removal website.


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