Thursday, 4 April 2013

Methods of Tattoo Removal - An Overview (Part 1)

Tattoo, everybody basically understand what the tattoo is. It can be quite fair to state that you are able to have at least one nowadays, particularly with today's technology, also it might be much harder in order to get one removed. In this post, you will be expose to a wide variety of procedures that had been utilized to eradicate your tattoos nowadays.

The tattoo removal cream works to slowly force the skin to break down and peel away. It pretty much is forcing the skin to age prematurely and will slowly fade the tattoo away from removing layers of skin more rapidly then they should be naturally shed. Of course, the majority of these creams involve harsh chemicals that are quite literally damaging your skin and forcing to break down and peel away before its time. 

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are becoming widely used methods to remove any unwanted ink. The process of this is that you rub the chemical onto your tattoo and a controlled burn occurs. With this burn scabbing occurs and the skin starts to peel off. After a while when the skin peels (along with the ink) it heals back as a fresh and blank slate (after a few sessions). This takes a few sessions to go through and can be expensive depending on the size of your tattoo. Types of Chemical Peels Removal

Hydroquinone may also be effective in removing a tattoo. A common procedure is to use an apricot scrub as a skin defoliant and then rub hydroquinone (2%) over the tattoo. Cover the area with plastic wrap and then wrap in an Ace bandage. Black ink tattoos react to this procedure better than some colors such as red.

This is a much older technique that involves injecting the tattoo area with epinephrine and lidocaine (for numbing and to control bleeding/bruising). The area is then vigorously rubbed with a sanding block made of salt or plain salt, itself. This method can be quite painful and is usually only used when other methods are either not medically viable or they are cost prohibitive.

Cover Up
This method isn't exactly taking off the tattoo but instead covering it up with another tattoo. The people that normally go for this method are those that have their ex partners name, an embarrassing tattoo or something that they generally don't like. Normally cover ups are done on small to medium tattoos but if you have the money to spend you can get it done on larger tattoos too. You should be able to get a cover up done at your local tattoo parlour.

Saline Injections
This method involves injecting the tattoo area with lidocaine and salt water (saline) which will assist in breaking up the pigments in the tattoo. This will not actually remove the tattoo, but it can blur the image significantly.

DIY Natural Tattoo Removal
An all natural remedy to remove your unwanted tattoos using natural ingredients. You no longer have to consider a laser tattoo removal specialist to have your tattoo removed. You can learn that you can do it by yourself at home. These natural ingredients are not expensive, and not hard to get. Some of these products you already had. All you have to do is mix a few of these products together, and have a very effective solutions that remove your tattoo you've always wanted to get rid of.
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