Wednesday, 20 November 2013

How To Remove Tattoos Naturally? - Apricot Scrub, Aloe Vera and Other Home Theories

One of the methods to remove tattoos at home that has been rumoured to work is the use of things such as apricot scrub, aloe vera, salt and even sand paper has appeared a number of times. These home methods are ones that people will look into as they are cheap to go through than using other simple methods but do these methods really work or are they just theories?

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is used a lot by people who have gone under laser tattoo removal due to the fact that the water based solution will be able to bring out the broken pigments of ink |natural tattoo removal| in the body after the process of getting the laser to break it up. With removal alone however this method has been said to be very effective for those with newer pieces of ink. The reason for this is that aloe vera is a water based substance and therefore with a new tattoo will trap parts of the ink and make it harder to stay in the skin. There is sense behind this method however it cannot be said that what will happen will actually work for the full piece, it may just fade away parts of the tattoo.

Apricot Scrub (and Salt)
Some suggestions have been said to go through using apricot scrub and salt as well (acts as an exfoliation). |natural tattoo removalThe salt would act as an abrasion to get through the first layer of skin and then the apricot scrub would do the rest (some people actually mix aloe vera and vitamin old in as well to try and break up the pigments). One again the best something like this would be able to do is to go and fade parts of the unwanted ink, not the whole thing as effectively as you would like.

Home dermabrasion
Dermabrasion is the method of rubbing the area and peeling away at the skin, for home made methods you would be looking to mix sanding powder into aloe vera and rub this gently on the skin with a pumice stone to break down the skin and ink pigments.

With tattoo removal creams methods like this what you're trying to achieve is the act of breaking down the skin layers and the ink pigment in the skin. |natural tattoo removalNow what you're going to have to understand is that methods such as this are going to take a lot of time to work and at the same time they might not be as effective as you might be hoping they will be as well.

What Method To Choose?
There are other methods out there that you can easily do such as natural tattoo removal method which actually are proven to work and still will be cheaper than what you would pay for a surgical dermabrasion or undergoing a laser tattoo surgery (even though this is the most popular method that is going around at the moment). Natural tattoo removal methods are proven to work on breaking the tattoo pigment and fading/removing a tattoo over a course of weeks (or months depending on the size) and best of all you can use it to remove tattoos at home. 

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