Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How To Remove Tattoos Naturally?

Many people wonder how to remove tattoos at home so that they can avoid going into surgery to get the unwanted ink surgically removed. Laser surgery and dermabrasion are two surgeries which will leave anyone with permanent scarring from removing their tattoo, not only that but it is very expensive and even more painful than getting the tattoo put on. Thankfully there have been methods that have arisen on how you can remove your tattoo from the safety of your own home.

Chemical Methods
These methods are the most popular to use since they are less expensive than going in for surgery but they are still expensive to buy the materials for and even worse since they are chemicals you may suffer from reactions and maybe even scarring.

Chemical Peel
  • This method is the method of rubbing a chemical onto your tattooed area. This then burns slowly (a controlled burn) and the skin starts to scab and peel (along with the ink). When the healing process starts again the tattoo will start to fade and after a few sessions you will have removed the tattoo.
  • This method is becoming more widely accepted now but it can take weeks to months to go through depending on the size of your tattoo.

Removal Cream
  • A product that is debated about is the tattoo removal cream. People have claimed that the method works whilst there are also those that say it's just a waste of money and at about $100+ for one bottle that will last you 2 months (this process takes a few months to go through) this could be a problem.
  • The thing I would suggest is doing some thorough research into these creams (they are easy enough to apply) to see which ones work and which ones don't. It is going to be tough because not all the creams will have the same effect for everyone PLUS as it is a chemical cream you will have to make sure that you have no reactions to it so consulting your doctor prior to treatment will be a good choice.

Natural Methods
Yes there are natural methods that you can use to get rid of your unwanted ink! These methods will prevent you from side-effects such as pain, scarring, abrasions and everything else that comes from the painful surgeries and chemical methods that you can use on how to remove tattoos at home.

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