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Be honest – are you wondering if home tattoo removal is possible? Many people will tell you it’s not. They are wrong You can remove your tattoo at home safely and painlessly. Here are 5 tips  to help you decide on the method to use.
Natural tattoo removal
Tip 1
Ignore some of the information on the internet. If you want to end up without scars and pain, you should ignore some of what you read on the internet about home tattoo removal. There are lots of crazy ideas, some even downright dangerous. Some people recommend you, burn off tattoos with curling wands or irons, use salt or apricot scrub to scrub the tattoo out, or even to use battery acid to burn off the top few layers of skin. Others recommend using bleach (domestic or industrial!) razor blades or dangerous chemicals and acids. Now, I don’t know about you, but as soon as I read you need to have sterilized gauze to hand, I have to look for an alternative. If you need bandages, you are going to bleed and that is going to be painful Then there is the risk of scarring and infection. Enough said?

Tip 2
Talk to friends and family members about home tattoo removal. I guarantee you will get conflicting advice. That is good! It will make you consider the alternative methods of tattoo removal. Is diy tattoo removal really such a good idea for you? Or would you be better paying to have that tat removed? After all, a half removed tattoo is not a pretty sight. (And, it’s always going to remind you that you didn’t finish the job).
Natural tattoo removal
Tip 3
Think about the costs involved. We are told that the most popular method of tattoo removal is by laser. It’s also the most expensive. That is partly due to the investment in the machines. It is possible you could be offered cheap laser tattoo removal at home. While this might sound tempting, you would be wise to turn it down.

In the UK, the use of lasers for cosmetic purposes was de-regulated in 2010. This means anyone can set themselves up in business and offer laser tattoo removal. In the US, the rules differ from State to State. Wherever you are, you would be wise to ask if the person operating the laser is properly qualified to do so. And don’t be fobbed off with the fact that they have medical training. That does not qualify them to use a laser. Ask what specific training they have had on the use of the laser. For example, where they trained, how long the course was and whether it was practical as well as theory. It could be that someone offering cheap laser treatment has bought a laser from China ($2 500) and is looking for business. They may have little training – perhaps only “manufacturer trained”.
Natural tattoo removal
This usually means just following the guidelines in the User Manual that came with the machine and they may want to practice on YOU! (A cheap laser doesn’t have the strength to remove some colours satisfactorily, no matter how many sessions you have). Dermatologists report increases in patients suffering from scars due to poor laser tattoo removal. You don’t want to be one of them! Yes, it would be cheaper to use apricot scrub, salt, a curling wand or battery acid but you need to consider your pain threshold. There is a guaranteed way to remove your tattoo at home, without any risk of pain or scarring. It is scientifically proven and dermatologist approved but you need to be able to.

Tip 4
Set a schedule and stick to it. A tattoo is meant to be permanent. There is no “quick fix”. This is because the tattoo ink is placed into the dermis, the second layer of skin. It’s not as though it’s on the surface and can just be brushed off. No tattoo removal method is “instant.” For example, Surgical methods may need plastic surgery to hide the scars even after the time taken for the wound to heal. Tattoo removal creams take months to fade a tattoo. Many appointments are needed for laser tattoo removal – two years of treatment every 6 – 8 weeks is not unusual. Are you disciplined enough to follow a simple system for a few months? That’s the only way you are going to remove a tattoo yourself at home. Do you have the willpower to set a schedule and stick to it?
Natural tattoo removal
Tip 5
Allow yourself extra time. Mull over these tips. Are there other facts you need to consider? It’s a big decision you are about to make – don’t rush into it. Only you can decide if home tattoo removal is the right option for you.

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