Saturday, 27 June 2015

How To Remove Tattoos At Home With Natural Ingredients (Part 3)

8. Cream:
There are many separate replies about the effectiveness of removing tattoos with creams. While some people have achieved great results with certain brands, some others just found little results when using them. You should ensure that you did some personal research about cream before deciding to use it to get rid of your spot. Tattoo removal cream will seep into the tattooed region and break the pigment of your skin. This will help you eliminate the ink layers that are embedded along with the pigment. Nevertheless, people who have thick or hard skin are less likely to get advantage from this usage. The reason for this is that the body will meet difficulty when absorbing the ointment and breaking down the pigment. 
You will get just a little chance of experiencing unwanted side-effects from using creams to remove tattoos if you use a reputed and trusted brand. It is normal that people who have sensitive skin will be likely to experience rashes with creams.

9. Apricot Scrub Method:

The apricot scrub method is often performed with salt to act as an exfoliation. This method involves mixing the salt and apricot scrub and rubbing on the tattoo. The salt is supposed to act as an abrasive and the apricot scrub would remove the ink. However, this method is only good at fading parts of the tattoo and not actually removing it completely.

10. Sandpaper Method:

The sandpaper method, also known as dermabrasion is the method of rubbing the area and peeling away the skin. Most people who try this method use sandpaper and aloe vera to rub the skin and break down the ink pigments. By simply using sandpaper, you will not reach the ink since it is in the dermis. You will end up causing a lot of bleeding, possible infection, and a lot of pain if you try to sandpaper your tattoo off.
In fact, you should also learn useful tips to get healthy and beautiful skin because before and after the removing process, your skin should be taken care well.

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