Friday, 23 May 2014

What Are The Cheaper Methods To Remove a Tattoo? -->> NATURAL TATTOO REMOVAL

Many people are steering towards how to remove tattoos at home due to the price that is charged to get unwanted ink removed via surgery by a professional. With the advancement of science there are now a few methods which are so simple that you can buy them and use them yourself in the comfort of your own home.
Laser Surgery
This method of tattoo removal is the most popular method at the moment because it is known to work on pretty much all ink. The only problem with this method is that it is expensive and painful.
When looking at this method you are looking to pay about $150/£100 minimum per session and you'll have to go through sessions regularly to achieve complete removal! Not only that but throughout the surgery you'll feel pain and you'll also get permanent scarring and you could end up with skin growing back lighter (or darker) than it was previously.
What Are The Cheaper Methods?
In a quick breakdown there are 3 other methods which you can use for tattoo removal that will cost you less than going through surgery and these are: 
  • Chemical Peel (TCA or Glycolic acid)
  • This method has been used for many skin care treatments and has now moved onto removing ink from the body. There have been studies ran which prove that these products actually work for 80-90% of people.
  • The only downside (apart from chances of scarring due to the acid burning through the skin) is that you'll have to buy the product regularly to get rid of the tattoo and even then you'll be left with a scar.
  • Tattoo Removal Cream
Unlike chemical peels there are no scientific studies that actually prove that removal creams work. These creams are designed to just be applied to the skin and they will just break the tattoo pigment down to allow the body to get rid of the ink. The only problem of this method is that the only proof of it working is on the internet and there are also people who claim it doesn't work and for $120+ for two months worth you are looking at a lot of money to spend on something that may not work. 
  • Natural Removal
A method which is slowly becoming more popular to remove tattoos at home is natural removal. This method only uses natural ingredients so the chances of you getting a reaction is really good plus you won't get any side-effects such as scarring and abrasion that some of the other expensive methods cost.
These 3 low cost natural tattoo removal methods are cheaper than surgery and are also three methods that you can use as a home tattoo removal.

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