Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal - Does it Really Work?

People usually will take a simple, doesn't have any side effects and the most important is cheap treatment to remove the tattoo into their consideration. One of it is wrecking balm. Wrecking Balm is a tattoo removal system which will fade the tattoo away, was formulated and developed by a professionals team. The balm breaks down ink injected skin cells and utilize the natural ability of the skin to heal. 

There are so many lotions and potions that promise to get rid of tattoos, but can you really rub off something that's inked into your skin? The Wrecking Balm Tattoo Remover says it can, but does it work?  Most of the wrecking balm company claimed that your tattoo will be gone in a month or two if you continue using it. I can say this is bullshit. The company just wanna suck your money

I was able to find a complaint from one of the consumer who tried this method before. She got her tattoos 10 years ago, and now she wants them gone. She regrets getting them on her chest and ankle. When she saw the Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal commercial enough times, she bought the $170 product hoping it would help. Using a gel, cream and buffer three minutes a day, three days a week, and the Wrecking Balm says it removes the tattoo. She said it's really easy. You just put the cream on and buff away. No doctor appointment and no pain from laser treatment is OK for her since she is a busy mom.

She said wrecking Balm buffer seemed to blur the edges of the tattoo. Just have a vibration feeling. It does feel gritty because the substance is gritty. The buffer, which seems like a microdermabrasion kit. Like sandpaper on your skin and doesn't really hurt or anything. She hopes the tattoos will clear up in time for a ceremony where she and her husband will renew their wedding vows. She's noticed the included Wrecking Balm waterproof concealer seems to help in the meantime. She hopes in time she won't even have anything to cover up at all.

The timeline the company puts out is two months, but three months later, it looks like it might have faded on one little strip. She can't tell any difference at all. Oh yeah, there is a difference! It’s added redness from the irritation caused after you used it because of the required amount of times for three months. The tattoos are still completely there. All you will get is just an irritation. 

What can be conclude here is, do not applied any products that you don't have any idea at all what's the ingredients they used inside and apply it onto your skin. It might make it worse than before. Unless you are very sure it is safe to use, then you may go for it. Instead of using wrecking balm, it is highly recommend to remove your tattoo naturally. Read my review regarding DIY Natural Tattoo Removal above or visit the official website of natural tattoo removal by click on the link below.

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